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АСТМА У ДЕТЕЙ (на английском)

《Chinese Journal of Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacy》 2010-21

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Montelukast joint transfer factor Bronchial Asthma in Children Clinical observation

Objective:To observe the montelukast factor transfer factor used in clinical treatment of children with asthma.Methods:The hospital respiratory department 130 patients with mild to moderate asthma according to randomly assigned to treatment group 65 cases and the control group,65 patients in the control group alone montelukast sodium chewable tablets in treatment and control group in the treatment group based on plus transfer factor on treatment,patients were treated for 180d after the statistical effect.Results:The treatment group and control group was effective rate was 87.7%,55.38%,the difference was significant(P 0.05).Conclusion:Montelukast sodium and transfer factor in combination than alone montelukast sodium used in clinical treatment of children with asthma better effect,and adverse reactions were mild,safe and good.

【Key Words】: montelukast transfer factor children asthma joint medication 【CateGory Index】: R725.6

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