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Артрит крысы и трансфер фактор (на английском)

Influence of various forms of dialyzable leukocyte extracts on rat adjuvant arthritis.

(Dialyzable leukocyte is another term for transfer factors)

Stancikova M, Rovensky J, Pekarek J, Orvisky E, Blazickova S, Cech K.

Research Institute of Rheumatic Diseases, Slovak Republic.

Adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats is a chronic inflammatory disease, widely used as an animal model for rheumatoid arthritis. In our study the effect of various fractions of dialyzable leukocyte extract (DLE): DLE I-molecular weight below 10 kDa (commercial preparation), DLE II-molecular weight below 5 kDa (suppressor fraction), DLE III-molecular weight 5-10 kDa on rat adjuvant-induced arthritis was studied. The adjuvant arthritic (AA) rats were treated with DLE fraction i.p. in solutions containing an active substance isolated from 12.5 x 10(6) and 6.25 x 10(6) leukocytes from day 1 (adjuvant injected) through day 18, every second day (total 9 times). Various markers of inflammation, immune function and joint destruction were evaluated: hindpaw volume, serum hyaluronic acid, serum albumin and biopterin in urine. All these markers showed a significant improvement after using fraction DLE II in comparison with AA controls. Fractions DLE I and DLE III influenced only some markers of inflammation and immune function. Our results demonstrated a therapeutical effect of fraction DLE II on rat adjuvant-induced arthritis

Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 1994; 42(4): 295-9.

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